Iberia to Mirror Budget Airlines?

News Date: jueves, 15 de octubre de 2009

Iberia to Mirror Budget Airlines?
Iberia to Mirror Budget Airlines?

It’s usually the discounted airlines that are heckled for bumping up their prices with unreasonable extra costs, but this time it’s the Spanish national carrier who is being criticized for considering the feasibility of charging their passengers for check-in baggage.

The airline has publicly been going through turbulent times these past few months, including raised concerns by the European Commission’s competition authorities regarding the transatlantic plans of Iberia, British Airways and American Airlines.

The three are all members of ‘The Oneworld’ alliance whose plan it is to operate as a joint business on flights traveling between the EU and North America. The plans would allow them to coordinate on pricing and also schedules for transatlantic flights.

One of the benefits to customers would be the ability to contact one of the airlines on flights such as the ones previously mentioned, but be offered flights directly from all three.

A report quoted a statement made by BA saying that they were, "Looking forward to the opportunity to address and overcome the EU''s concerns."

They added, "Our joint business would benefit millions of customers with greater access to discounted fares, more convenient connections and better access to a global network of more than 500 destinations."

The plan if approved by the EU will also need approval from US regulators.

A Spanish newspaper were the ones to print the information leaked from an internal document from the Spanish airline, stating that they were considering adding charges for check-in baggage to passengers’ flight prices, at the additional fee of 15 EUR.

A spokeswoman from Iberia was reported to say, "It is being studied, but we don''t know if it will affect all passengers or when it will be implemented.”

She added, "A lot of travellers want to travel at very low cost, and one way to achieve that is to split up the product."

Passengers are still waiting to hear whether or not these charges will affect them and if so, when.

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