Recession to Blame for Increased Motor Accidents

News Date: viernes, 06 de noviembre de 2009

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The recession has been the cause of many undesirable after-effects, however a new claim made by experts is that due the current financial crisis, we will see a noticeable increase in motor accidents in Spain.

According to data, despite the fact that 50% of motorists have become more careful on the roads, as drivers are acutely aware that they are in no financial position to be able to pay off any motoring offence fines, others are becoming more careless and aggressive on the roads due to depression and anxiety from the result of losing their jobs.

In addition to the latter, as financial prioritising hits most households, less urgent matters such as servicing cars, are left at the bottom of the pile.

The above are only some of the points addressed during the recent International Road Traffic Behaviour Risk Prevention Congress, which took place in Valencia.

Other facts to be thrown in to equation were that women drivers remain to be the more careful sex in motor vehicles, with men five times more likely to be involved in fatalities on the road, caused by their own driving. Men are said to be less nervous whilst driving and believe their motoring skills to be more superior, however women compensate for this by using a much greater deal of caution and awareness for other drivers on the road.

The age bracket for those most at risk was said to be 25 in 44, whilst the common road-rage including verbal insults and swearing at other drivers on the road has become increasingly seen in motorists of both men and women in their 30s.

Another interesting proven point raised at the conference was that using a mobile phone was in fact responsible for more fatalities than drink driving.

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