Spain Back in Favour With UK Investors

News Date: lunes, 19 de octubre de 2009

Spain Back in Favour With UK Investors
Spain Back in Favour With UK Investors

With recent reports giving poor reviews on the amount of foreigners now buying rental property in Spain, it would appear that after an exhibition held at the NEC in Birmingham, Brits are still favouring Spain as their favourite destination for property investment.

Thousands of people turned up for the overseas property exhibition, ‘A Place in the Sun’, in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago despite other recent international property shows suffering a severely low turn out, with some organisers even facing bankruptcy.

Despite the exhibition, backed by the TV programme ‘A Place in the Sun’, downsizing, they made an impressively strong comeback. The outcome of their wide publicity campaign was the influx of attendees at the event.

As previously mentioned, it was Spain that was indicated to be the most popular destination of potential investors, with approximately 60 percent of the attendees showing an interest in Spain. France came second and this was indicated by the lack of interest in previous years, by the organizers choosing not to create their ‘French village’ as per usual. It was reported that the main competitors for Spain was Australia, New Zealand and the USA, which were said to be offering immigration package deals.

Surveys taken on the day, indicated that many of the investors had been sitting tight, awaiting the ‘right’ moment to make their move, but were now of the thought that property prices in Spain were unlikely to fall any further.

The reasons behind many of the exhibition attendees favouring Spain to other destinations were not surprising, the reasons ranged between the warm climate, the Spanish people and the memory of enjoyable holidays in the past.

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