Spanish Health Minister Makes Claims Over Swine Flu

News Date: lunes, 02 de noviembre de 2009

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Swine flu has been a national worry as we have all seen reported in the global press for months now and though the number of deaths has risen, sources say that the Spanish health minister admitted the incidence of the clinically termed strain of the flu virus, AH1N1, “is much lower than anticipated and that the death rate from the infection is substantially lower than that from normal seasonal flu.”

The minister made it clear that this particular flu virus was admittedly more contagious than the usual ‘seasonal flu’, however she was quoted to say that there were “considerably fewer deaths” reportedly resulting from this particular strain of the virus.

She also spoke at an influential dinner in Valencia last week, saying, "Today, six months after the World Health''s Organisation''s original warning, we can confirm that there is considerably less concern and less danger than we originally thought."

Keeping in line with her speech, she has been said to assure people in announcing that the country can relax as medical reports from countries from the Southern hemisphere come in, stating that though there have been more reported infected people, there have in fact been fewer deaths than what would be the norm from yearly seasonal flu viruses.

Jiménez continued by concluding that she was more than happy to now allow the country’s public health authorities to take charge of the situation with a much calmer manner, as they were now charged with a much higher and improved knowledge of the illness itself.

Naturally, she reiterated, “Everything is in place to cope with whatever situation may arise, even a worst-case scenario".

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