Whose Town Is It Anyway?

News Date: miércoles, 23 de septiembre de 2009

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Not much happens in the sleepy municipality of Ólvega, whose last population count according to the 2008 consensus was said to have 3,690 inhabitants.

However, there has recently been somewhat of a drama unfolding regarding a tiny abandoned village set in approximately 6,000 square metres of rustic land.  The small hamlet is home to just three houses, some livestock enclosures and a church.

The Mayor for the municipality on which the small ‘village’, Conejares, depends, can be forgiven for being somewhat confused as he told reporters, “It's not even a village, it's just a hillock where there used to be some animal enclosures, and now there's nothing left."

Despite the Mayor’s comments, apparently hundreds of people rang the Town Hall after it was found that the land, situated northeast of Soria, was up for sale for the grand total of 48,080 euros.

To add to what some might see as a comically bizarre situation, the rustic land in fact has no running water or electricity with nobody having inhabited the hamlet for over 70 years.  The said owner stated that there was however a high tension line just a kilometre away and there was ample water for a well.

It has been said that the online post initiated discussions varying from “creating an agrarian cooperative to getting together a group of 50 people to invest in Conejares and repopulate the village.”

Since the debate has heated up, an individual has come forward claiming that they are in fact the rightful owner of two of the buildings and others are coming forward claiming that they have always held the belief that they owned part of the village.

The saga continues.

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