Long Let

A long let generally refers to a property, such as an apartment, villa or townhouse, that is available to rent on a long term basis.

Long term rentals in Spain usually last a duration of 11 months. Upon finding a place to rent, the tenant will usually sign an agreement with the property owner that allows them tenants rights for the next 11 months.

After 11 months it is normal, provided both parties agree, to resign another contract (in effect a continuation of the previous contract) to continue the tenancy agreement.

The cost of a long let is set at the beginning of the tenancy agreement, as determined by the landlord, however once a tenant continues to rent the property the landlord can only increase the monthly rental amount in accordance with a percentage set by the Spanish government.

This is designed to protect tenants from having their rent raised unfairly in order to coerce them into abandoning their occupancy of the rental property

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