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Q. - I don't speak Spanish, can I still rent out my apartment long term?

Yes. Don't worry, we understand that not all property owners here in Spain speak Spanish and find it difficult to navigate their way around what can be seen as a confusing and time-costly process. Leave that to us, that is all a part of the service when we find tenants for your rental property.

The Sara Service has been operating on the Costa del Sol since 2004 and we are au fait with all the necessary paperwork and procedures required to get your property rented. When you use The Sara Service to rent out your villa or apartment long term, we take care of finding the tenants, getting the paperwork together and getting a contract signed and official between you, the property owner(s), and your new tenants.

Are you ready to earn a rental income from your Spanish property? We have created a short form for you to submit your details to use so we can review your property, arrange a listing viewing (where we take a good look and calculate the features and rental value etc.) and advertise your property on our web site to the thousands of prospective tenants who visit our site looking for long term rental properties each month. So why not fill out the short no-obligation form and take the first step to getting your property rented and putting a dent in your mortgage payments.