Advantages of Renting Property in Spain

Today the property rental market boasts a fantastic range of quality, well priced accommodation and there are an ever-increasing number of people taking advantage of this, as the range, quality and price becomes better than ever.

Advantages of Renting in Spain

One of the advantages of renting in Spain is that it is financially static, meaning there are very little, if any, changes to your outgoings as you have a fixed rent that does not change with fluctuating interest rates etc, and it is usually much cheaper than the mortgage of a similar property, when or if you can afford to buy.

Bills are much more predictable and often less expensive with no council tax to pay, community fees are usually inclusive and in many rental properties even the water bill will be included. There are many properties available that will offer a fixed monthly rent inclusive of ALL bills which is great news for those who don’t like surprises!

Also, any structural repairs, maintenance, and repairs or replacements of electrical appliances are paid for and arranged by the owner or management company, unless otherwise agreed in the contract beforehand.

Decrease the Risk by Renting Long Term

Renting is far less of a risk, if you find out you live next to the neighbours from hell, or you suddenly find yourself next to a noisy building site for a new development or even if you decide you no longer like the area, you can move somewhere else with sometimes as little as 1 months notice. This is particularly good for those who have to move due to a new job or change of circumstances, which is a very real possibility for most in this current climate.

So for those of you who prefer to have the flexibility of being able to move quickly, with stable finances and fewer outgoings – renting is a very welcome alternative to buying.

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