Choosing the Right Rental Property Location

Choosing the right rental property location is every bit as important as choosing the rental property itself.

Choosing the right location is paramount
One of the phrases widely used in the lettings business is "Location, location, location" and this is for a reason. The location where you decide to spend the next period of your life will determine happiness, peace of mind, your daily view, the amount of sunshine you can enjoy and amongst many other things, the amount of time it takes you to achieve your daily goals of working, shopping, walking etc.

You may have found the most idyllic villa with the most amazing gardens, pool etc., however should this villa be situated right on top of the busy N340 then the peace and tranquility you may desire could be slightly usurped by the constant traffic and the frequest use of the horn (a common occurrence in Spain, unfortunately). Alternatively, imagine you have found the most beautiful townhouse, one you have been searching for months for, with a rustic feel and a mature garden. This is the townhouse of your dreams and you can easily see yourself relaxing in the full gardens, lounging in the warm pool and enjoying the view of...another building.

So What is the Right Location?

Getting the location right is absolutely paramount and will often sway the decision for many tenants when looking for a long term rental property. So the question is, how do I choose the right location, what is the right location and how will I know the right location when I see it. In order to get it right, or as right as is feasible, you need to establish your requirements. Put in simpler terms, what are the most important factors to you about where you live?

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