Spanish Property Owners Guide

Is my property suitable for a long/short term rental?

Thesaraservice can rent any property on a long term or short term basis from a studio apartment to a 3 bedroom family townhouse or luxury front line villa. Any property can be rented out providing it is in suitable condition - the standard and location of the property will obviously be reflected in the expected rental income. We provide our client owners with free expert advice of the best way to maximise those profits using our extensive knowledge from many years in the industry.

How much rental income can I expect to receive from my long/short term rental?

The location and standard of your property will be reflected in the price you can ask for it. These are the two main things to take into consideration when setting a monthly or weekly rent for your property, but no two properties are the same we look for very different things for a long term rental than we do for a short term holiday rental.

Things that will reflect in rental income of long term property:

· Standard – New kitchens/bathrooms are very important and better quality furniture fixtures/fittings all increase value

· Access – Is there easy access to your property from N340/ AP7 Toll road for work/airport/school run

· Proximity to local Schools/healthcare – Many families living on the coast want to be close to their preferred schools for there children

· Do you rent your property furnished or unfurnished – There is a big market for both furnished and unfurnished properties and we can advice you on what your options are.

· Is there a telephone line and can you get internet access/broadband – Most older properties will have this, but checks will be required on the newer properties

· Security – Is your property in a gated community? Does it have reckers/alarm?

· Does your property have private/off road parking – Aside from car security, this effects peoples insurance and gets asked a lot

· Do you have extra storage with your property? – a common request with most people looking to rent long term

Things that will reflect rental income of a short term rental:

· Is the pool open all year? – if your pool is only open for 3 months a year you have limited time maximise your premium rental prices.

· Community services– does you community offer a sauna/children’s pool/gym/club house etc??

· Access – Will you short term tenants need transport?

· Distance from beach/local attractions/airport/amenities – What is close by for holidaymakers?

· Do you have sky & internet installed? Both very important with short term rentals.

· Sky and air-conditioning – One of the top two requirements with holiday makers.

What do I need to consider when renting out my property long term?

· Child/pet friendly - Is your property secure for a family with children or pets?

· Do you want to allow smokers/pets?

· What term do you want to rent your property for – long term is anything from 6 months to 5 years but an 11 month contract is generally standard.

· Property Management - Do I employ an agent to manage my property?

· Do I include bills in the monthly rental figure – if not how will the tenants pay the bills (directly themselves or to you with rent once you have paid by direct debit)

What else do I need to consider when renting my property short term?

· Extra costs such as cleaning/turnover, meet and greet, management and advertising costs – All need to be considered on top of your normal property expenses such as community/basura/bills.

· You need everything you would need to live in a holiday rental and more – from an iron/hairdryer and corkscrew to books/DVD’s and board games.

How/should I furnish my long/short term rental property?

Long term rentals can be offered furnished or unfurnished and we can help advise you on what is the best option for you and the financial implications of that decision. We can also organise discounts on the leading furniture companies on the coast from the odd pieces of outdoor/indoor furniture to complete furniture packages. If you have decided on a short term property please see our guide to furnishing a short term rental property.

What are the costs and obligations of renting my property long or short term?

General costs and obligations for a short term property rental:

  • Building/contents insurance– There is a specially designed ‘landlord insurance’ available.
  • Community fees/Basura/IBI
  • Electricity/water/gas/Sky TV
  • Telephonica calls made and line rental – (call costs can be taken from security deposit)
  • Maintenance - repair/replacements needed (everyday wear and tear on things that are not covered by the deposit)
  • Thesaraservice fees and commissions – including management and meet and greets
  • Turnover – cleaning and laundry
  • Advertising costs (if extra advertising required)

General costs and obligations for a long term property rental.

  • Building/contents insurance– There is a specially designed ‘landlord insurance’ available.
  • Community fees/Basura/IBI
  • Thesaraservice commission (one months rent)
  • Management fees (if required)
  • Maintenance – repair/replacements needed (everyday wear and tear on things that are not covered by the deposit)

What commissions/fees will I be charged to rent my property long or short term? will list your property free of charge on our highly ranked property website. Once you have agreed to list your property with us we will get your authorisation, take photos and write a description of your property including a section for your property features. We will send you a preview of what your property will look like on our site and once you are happy we will set it to live and your property will be immediately available on an international level.

If you chose to rent your property long term, then we will charge a months rent as commission for an 11 month rental once we have found suitable qualified tenants with references. If you require us to manage your property for the duration of the rental term we charge 50 Euros a month extra to this. This includes the inventory, key holding, general property management and management of rent and bills.

If you chose to rent your property on a short term basis, we charge 600 euros per year management and 10% of the total rental fee. Any extras such as cleaning/ meet and greets and laundry will be provided as charged.

How do I enquire about renting my property with you?

Please call us directly or send an enquiry to and we will be happy to call you and discuss the options available to you.

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